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Hot Air balloon

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Its better reception, maybe. Meanwhile. Crew: Wheres my pilot? Why isnt he answering? Im sure hes down, but where? Is he in the next valley? Hes not responding.


Well, we sell an aerial that improves the range of your airband radios considerably. Under test where it matters, on the ground in a retrieval situation, two Icom A2 radios with standard rubber aerials were used. The retrieve drove off and continued driving until all communication was lost. The aerials were then swapped over and crystal clear communication was restored. The retrieve carried on until communication was again unreadable and this time they were twice the distance.


Tested in the air, distances over 50 miles were achieved. Because they are made from aluminium, the aerials weigh the same as the standard aerial and also protect the airband connection on the set top from undue strains produced by whip forces in landing.


The aerials can be directly fitted to the top of any airband radio with a BNC aerial connection, and they come with a patch lead and connector to enable them to be tucked somewhere discreet such as up a leg leather or cable-tied into the basket.


It costs 19.95 plus VAT and postage


01622 858956


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Hot Air Balloon Aerials

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