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Sorry for the lack of updates last year. We've been renovating the house next door which is at last ready for holiday lets. Now we've had our first guests, things are calming down and this list is back on track to keep you up to date with balloon events in 2017. Meanwhile, if you and your family or friends want to stay in Kent, the garden of England, we have a lovely Georgian farmhouse with easy parking for your balloon trailer. House sleeps 9. Situated halfway between Dover and London, just off the M20. Handy for Headcorn airfield and Leeds Castle (famous among balloonists for its fabulous flying festivals in the 90s).

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UK & Worldwide Hot Air Balloon Festival List: 2017   Updated: 4 July 2017  FUTURE EVENTS: 64

Organisers: Please send details of your hot air balloon event to Liz Meek (former editor of Aerostat, Britain's only ballooning magazine)

 at for inclusion here

Balloon enthusiasts: find out where to see hot air balloons and gas balloons! Contact the event directly for more info

Forthcoming events are below.

For an archive of past balloon events please click here


  Date Event Name  Where Organiser Details/Contact  Other Information
  7-8 July Angola Balloons Aloft Angola, Indiana, USA  
  7-9 July White Horse Meet Thirsk, N Yorkshire, UK  
  7-9 July Szczecinek International Balloon Meet Szczecinek, Poland  
  14-15 July Paris Balloon and Music Festival Paris, Texas, USA  
  14-16 July NE Lincs Aviation Heritage Event Rast Kirby, Lincolnshire, UK Glider swap
  21-23 July Ohio Challenge Middletown, Ohio, USA  
  21-23 July Great Wellsville Balloon Rally Wellsville, New York, USA  
  21-23 July Balloons over Bend Oregon, USA  
  21-30 July Sagrantino Challenge Cup Todi, Italy  
  21-30 July Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons Chambley, Metz, France  
  27-30 July Silverstone Classic Balloon Meet Silverstone, Northants, UK  
  27-31 July Friese Ballonfeesten Joure, Netherlands  
  28-30 July New Jersey Gestival of Ballooning Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, USA  
  29-30 July Eastbourne Balloon Festival Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK  
  29-30 July Meetjeslandse Balloon Meeting Eeklo, Belgium  
  2-9 August International Youth Balloon Camp Burgkirchen, Germany  
  4-6 August Great Chesapeake Balloon Festival Cordova, Maryland, USA  
  10-13 August Bristol Balloon Fiesta Bristol, UK  
  11-12 August Ballonfestival Grave Grave, Netherlands  
  11-13 August Flag City Balloonfest Findlay, Ohio, USA  
  11-13 August Driffield Steam Rally Driffield, E Yorkshire, UK  
  12-20 August Montgolfieres St Jean de Richelieu Canada  
  15-20 August Nordic Balloon Cup Silkeborg, Denmark  
  16-19 August Barneveld Balloon Fiesta Barneveld, Netherlands  
  18-19 August Mosel Balloon Fiesta Trier, Germany  
  18-20 August Northampton Balloon Festival Billing, Northants, UK  
  22-27 August FAI European Championship Brissac-Quince, Anjou, France  
  23-26 August Twente Ballooning Twente, Netherlands  
  25-27 August Strathaven Balloon Festival Strathaven, Lanarkshire, UK  
  25-27 August Hottolfiades Hotton, Belgium  
  20 August - 3 Sept Mongolian Balloon Adventure Outer Mongolia  
  31 August -4 Sept Gatineau Balloon Festival Gatineau, Canada  
  1-3 September Vredefeesten Sint Niklaas, Belgium  
  1-3 September Bad Durrheimer Balloon Festival Bad Durrheim, Germany  
  1-3 September Montgolfiade de Thouars Thouars, France  
  1-9 September Warsteiner Internationale Montgolfiade Warstein, Germany www.warsteiner-wim-de  
  2-4 September Labor Day Lift Off Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA  
  2-9 September Australian Nationals Northam, Western Australia  
  4-8 September FAI Women's European Championship Leszno, Poland  
  7-10 September Grass Roots Balloon Meet Sackville Lodge, Beds  
  7-16 September Gordon Bennett Epagny, Gruyeres, Switzerland  
  8-10 September Great Reno Balloon Race Reno, Nevada, USA  
  13-17 September 1st Central European Cup Szeged, Hungary  
  15-16 September Hofteballooning Diepenheim, Netherlands  
  15-17 September Naburn Lock Meet Naburn Lock, York, UK  
  21-24 September Adirondack Balloon Festival Glens Falls, New York, USA  
  21-24 September Ballontage Toggenberg Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland  
  22-24 September Cornucopia Music Festival Skirlaugh, E Yorkshire, UK  
  22-24 September Hot Air Balloon Parade Campu Cetatii, Romania  
  22-24 September Model Hot Air Balloon Meeting Brigachtal, Germany  
  23-24 September Montgolfiades de Rocamadour Rocamadour, France  
  23-30 September Libro Balloon Cup Kirchberg, Austria  
  20 Sep - 1 Oct York Balloon Fiesta York, UK  
  30 Sep - 7 Oct Ocseni Balloon Festival Hungary  
  6-8 October Autumn Gold Meet Thornton Le Dale, N Yorks, UK  
  7-15 October Albuquerque International Albuqueque, New Mexico, USA  
  20-21 October Balloons over Mount Vernon Illinois, USA  
  20-22 October Carolina BalloonFest Statesville, North Carolina, USA  
  20-22 October Great Mississippi River Balloon Race Natchez, Mississippi, USA  
  27-29 October Taos Mountain Balloon Rally New Mexico, USA  
  1-5 November Saga International Balloon Festival Saga, Japan  
  5-15 November Pushkar Mela Rajasthan, India  
  17-19 November Humber Bridge Meet Leven, E Yorkshire, UK  
  25-30 November Taj Balloon Festival Agra, India  

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If you are a balloonist and want to go to any of the events listed above, please note that this is just a listing and we don't vouch for, or necessarily recommend these events. We are simply offering the information in an easy and regularly updated (and FREE!) format for you to see what's going on around the world. You are responsible for yourself and your balloon! Be aware that events can be cancelled at short notice and it has been known for balloons to get stranded abroad, so bear this in mind when you set out on your adventures and check your insurance!


Guide for the public


As you can see from the list of ballooning events on this site, you can go and see balloons all over the world, and every balloon event is different.

Balloons normally fly in the mornings and evening when days are at their calmest and there are no thermic winds. In alpine areas or in winter you might also find balloons flying during the day. At organised events a popular display is a nightglow: balloons glowing in the dark by operating their yellow "whisper" burners.


Some events are ‘grassroots’ balloon meets, where balloonists gather on a field somewhere, go into a little huddle (the pilots’ briefing), then set up their balloons and fly off. Sometimes they have competitions and sometimes they just fly for fun.


Other events are big, commercial balloon festivals in city parks or at stately homes, where there are lots of other things to see and do and buy and eat and drink.


A few of the events are serious competitions. The pilots and observers will be concentrating very hard on the task in hand and there won’t be much for the public to do, apart from watching the launches.


The actual ballooning will be much the same at all the events. Balloons usually only fly just after sunrise and just before sunset. Quite often, launch times will be 6am and 6pm. The balloons may take off and disappear quite quickly. At the bigger, commercial events, they may tether on site during the day if the weather is favourable. In the evening there may be a nightglow scheduled at dusk or after dark.


Ballooning always depends on the weather. The windspeed is the crucial factor. If the trees are bending over and wind is whipping past you, you are very unlikely to see balloons up. Rain may not deter the hardy few, if it’s light drizzle, but most private pilots won’t want to get their balloons wet. It's no fun trying to dry 100ft or so of soggy nylon in your living room! Flights may be cancelled in advance or even on the field if conditions are changeable. Or they may be delayed if conditions are expected to improve – for example, if the morning is foggy. This can be frustrating for both the public and the pilots, but safety is always the priority. A very famous saying in aviation is: It's better to be down here wishing you were up there than up there wishing you were down here.


At some gatherings, a balloon basket might be set up during the day so that the public can have a look inside and ask the crew and pilot questions. If you are interested in finding out more about ballooning, or you want to get involved, the British Balloon and Airship Club ( is the governing body in the British Isles. Most other countries have their own ballooning bodies, and there may well be a local club in your region. Follow a balloon and ask the pilot or crew!


Do take a camera or video, because balloons are very photogenic. Smile and wave at the balloonists, they will wave back! Balloon spotting is more common than you think............


If you enjoy following balloons during a flight, please do so safely and keep your eyes on the road! When the balloon has landed, unless it is on public parkland, please do not enter the field. It does belong to somebody. Please do not park your vehicle where it may block the way for other road users, especially on narrow lanes. It is the duty of the retrieve crew to find the farmer or landowner to arrange the recovery of the balloon. Feel free to approach the crew on the road. They may be very glad of an extra pair of hands to help with the recovery and packing away.


Do check the event is still on before you travel to it! 

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