Hot Air Balloon at the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race 


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Saga balloon oxford cambridge university boat race 2010



Hot Air Balloon Flying Adverts


The Saga Insurance balloon made a big splash at the 2010 Oxford Cambridge Boat Race with 42 seconds of exposure on BBC1, what media value would you place on that?


How many advert breaks do people actually sit through and watch? Nobody nipped off for a tea or loo break, they were glued to the race!


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Hot Air Balloon at the 2010 University Boat Race . . .

BLUE SKY THINKING:                      The boat race attracts an estimated 250,000 people to the banks of the Thames and a further 8 million TV viewers in the UK. Globally it's estimated to have an audience of 120 million. What other advertising medium could reach that sort of audience? Moreover, people were taking photos of the balloon and talking about it. They'll probably show their photos to friends and tell colleagues they saw a hot air balloon over the Easter weekend.