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Hot air balloons are aircraft, they take time to manufacture, test and certify before use. Plan well ahead: talk to us early and let us help guide you through the stages.

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Why not complement your campaign with branded logistics vehicles for additional on-the-road impact


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Hot Air Balloon Flying Adverts

100 feet high, no other advertising gives this feel-good level.

What other advertising do people follow and photograph.

They shout and wave, they remember it and talk about it later.


Tim Leroy or Airborne Images, said: "You brought the whole of Phnom Penh to a standstill! The sales of Tiger Beer went through the roof and outsold the competition by 5-1. That's from a position of being 3rd or 4th in the market tables."


Have a balloon built in your corporate colours, with your logo, and raise your company profile sky high! Get your brand out there and get it noticed. We can provide solutions from a one-off launch to a full, on-the-road campaign in the UK, Europe or further afield.


How does a hot air balloon campaign compare? You could have:

TWO WEEKS on a billboard near Heathrow or

TWO PAGES in a glossy magazine for one issue or



A YEARís ballooning campaign with your own balloon directed at your target audience.

Itís a no-brainer! Call today.

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