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A balloon is not just a flying billboard in the sky. At the same time as increasing brand awareness, it could be carrying potential clients, franchisees or partners. A flight is a thrillingly different approach to staff or customer incentives or rewards. It can be used as a competition prize or for fundraising initiatives, and can provide a memorable experience for journalists. For an exclusive experience, we usually fly a small basket, making it a very personal occasion.

A tethered hot air balloon can provide flights for many guests for many hours and provide an amazing spectacle. 


What better team-building exercise for your staff than to crew their own balloon at a balloon event at home or abroad? Under our expert supervision, crewing involves working together to get the balloon rigged and inflated, navigating as the retrieve vehicle follows the balloon to its landing place (remember a balloon can only travel with the wind so you never know where youíll end up!), derigging and packing away, and finding your way back to the launchfield, where itís traditional to drink a glass of champagne (or indeed, Pimm's with our Pimm's Balloon!)

We held a successful staff and suppliers party at Richard Branson's house, just look at the length of the queue!

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