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Many of our clients are PR or Marketing Agencies, or are companies that have their own communications staff. However, if your business does not have PR support to boost the media value of your balloon venture, talk to us. We can help or work confidentially under your umbrella!


We have in-house and freelance photographers who specialise in aviation photography.


Our PR Manager, Liz Meek, is a hot air balloon pilot as well as a journalist with 20 years’ experience on magazines, local newspapers, regional daily papers and national broadsheets. She has worked everywhere from London to Hong Kong. Now freelance and based in the south-east, she still works for The Sunday Times, among others, and edits Aerostat, the country’s only magazine for balloonists.


Janet Jones is our Midlands PR Consultant. Janet has worked on both sides of the divide – in PR and print journalism in the Midlands and North of England. One of her commissions was to boost the sales of pig soap, so she’s not averse to tricky briefs! She also trains tomorrow’s reporters so she certainly knows what makes the news.


Xanthe O’Brien is our Scottish PR Consultant. Xanthe is now based in Edinburgh after several years in Aberdeen and Hong Kong. A researcher and journalist, she is well placed to deal effectively with clients north of the border.


Julia Wilkinson is our Global PR Consultant. Based in the south-west, Julia is another flying journalist: a hot air balloon pilot with over 20 years' experience in the air and in print, specialising in promoting exotic travel experiences from Laos to Lisbon. If you’re looking to use your balloon abroad, Julia, with her extensive contact book, will secure the best publicity for you.


Whether you simply need advice about how and where to place the news of your company balloon, or you’re looking for a full-blown PR service, contact

Liz on 01622 858956 or